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summer 2017
Stupid Cancer connects you to a network of young adults who understand what you're going through. They've been there, too. You have a right to know they exist and #sayhello.
Instant. Anonymous. Peer Support.
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"The first connection I made was amazing! She was able to chat with me about issues I'm currently facing with a compassion and an understanding only someone who has been through it could possibly have." – Lauren W.
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Any cancer.
Any age.
Welcome to the community you didn't know you needed, where it doesn’t matter if you or someone you care about is bald, infertile, metastatic, radioactive, missing a boob, a nut, a vital organ, or just cray from chemo brain. There are no judgments here, just friends and peers who "get it" because they already "got it." (See what we did there?)
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