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  • The next chapter about my war on cancer.. The Battle of Chemotherapy Part 3

    The next chapter about my war on cancer.. The Battle of Chemotherapy Part 3 ... this one discusses side effects and how I dealt with them.

  • Are you a cancer survivor who likes to play games online or on your computer?

    Hi All!  I'm a grad student at UNC Chapel Hill and we are conducting a study, for which we'd love your help!

    We are looking for participants to take a 20-minute online survey on computer games and cancer survivorship.

    We invite you take the survey if you meet these three eligibility requirements:  (1) you are at least 18, (2) you have received a diagnosis of cancer at any time in your life, and (3) you play a computer or online game at least once a week (everything from World of Warcraft to Words with Friends).

    The purpose of the study is to better understand the roles of games in the lives of people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are conducting this study.

    Participation is voluntary.  If you complete the survey, you will have the chance to enter your email in a drawing to receive one of seven $100 gift cards.  You may also request a short report of findings after the study is complete.  Your responses won't be linked to your name in the analysis and reporting of data.

    You may share this information with others who meet the eligibility requirements as stated above.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Nori Comello at

    Thanks so much!

  • Available treatments for stage 3b

    @KennyKane I'm hard to get rid off ;)
  • Looking for a gym buddy

    I'll be at CancerCon from Thursday the 23rd through Monday the 27th. I've gotten into weight lifting (squat, deadlift, OHP and the like) and want to keep up my gainz. 

    Anyone interested in joining me? Any recommendations of gyms that are close by that have a good barbell section (as in NOT a PlanetFitness/LA Fitness) where I can score a day pass?

    Do you even lift? If so, message me! :D
  • Is anyone else incredibly annoyed by StupidCancer's choice of keynote speaker for CancerCon?

    I hate to say it, but I have to disagree with you. I am super excited to hear Italia Ricci speak and possible meet her face to face. I love watching the show each week. Yeah, some of it may be inaccurate to what a true cancer patient goes through, but it is tv after all. They have to make a good show.

    Don't get me wrong, I was extremely upset with April for the first few episodes...she drove me crazy not telling her family, going to appointments alone, and continuing to work so much. I wanted to shake her and tell her to tell her family and take a break from work because her health is way more important than writing a newspaper story. But every person is different and has different priorities and handles the word Cancer differently. For me, my parents were the first people I told (and it was within a few hours of learning I had cancer), they came to every single appointment with me, and I took time off work immediately. Not only was my physical health my main concern, but so was my mental health. I was in no shape to think about work.

    But once April told her family and took a break from work, I felt I could relate to her a lot more and I started to really feel for her. And her ongoing struggles with boys and friendships are very identifiable for me. I think everyone can find something to relate to with April, whether it is treatment or relationships or work.

    So I feel Italia Ricci is a very relatable and knowledgeable member of the young adult cancer club. She doesn't need a diagnosis to join because of all the great advocacy work she is doing alongside her acting role as April.

    I can't wait to attend CancerCon!! It's my first Stupid Cancer event. I'm literally counting down the days to meeting new awesome friends, hanging with people who understand, gaining that feeling of inclusion, learning new things about all sorts of cancer topics, building lasting relationships, and just enjoying myself. It will be powerful. I am ready.

  • Is anyone else incredibly annoyed by StupidCancer's choice of keynote speaker for CancerCon?

    Thanks, Kenny. 

    It's nice to hear that someone acknowledges my feelings. I actually speak for a lot of my survivor friends near me when I address this. I just find it slightly problematic.
  • Patient Scholarships

    There are several patient scholarship opportunities available for CancerCon. Some scholarships are for specific disease types and/or location. For more information go, click on Patient Scholarships.
  • Annoyed at the phrase "you don't look sick"

    I once had someone say, "Hey, you don't look sick" to me. I was not in a good state of mind at that specific moment & I responded, "Hey, you don't look stupid, either." 

    Not one of my more stellar moments. 
  • Issues in Oncofertility Dinner Presentation

    What are the fertility options available to young cancer patients? Should you consider gamete donation and adoption as a course of action? Kristin Smith, Patient Navigator for Fertility Preservation at Northwestern Medical Group, will lead a workshop at Wellness House to discuss these topics and other concerns. Following the presentation, oncology support counselors will be on hand to lead a Young Adult Networking Group for further discussion. Dinner will be provided. Attendance is offered at no charge, but registration is required. Please call 630.323.5150 or email
  • Tell me about your experiences with long-term side-effects from radiation.

    Glad to be here. Thanks @KennyKane.