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  • Confused

    I'm a cancer survivor and was checking out the video on the website intro page. In the video several people are saying that dormant and malignant tumors are "just as bad". I don't understand how this is true as malignant tumors are clearly much more dangerous and are more often fatal then dormant tumors.
  • DCA

    Taking any drug that is not approved by his doctor and is not FDA approved is very dangerous. There have been some phase I trials done on DCA, not sure if they have gone past that point. Basically phase I only decides whether it would be safe for human consumption and they used very low doses. There are side effects and death was reported. I would not advise slipping drugs into your husbands smoothies, as much as you love him and want him to live a long life, doing reckless things like this could have very adverse effects. Please, take his doctor's advice, do not give this to him. He is right, you do not know what is actually in that pill bottle and giving him anything outside of a doctor's recommendation could be very harmful. Even taking herbal supplements which seem harmless, while going through chemo and other treatments is not advised without the doctor's ok because of the fact that even something grown from the earth can have very bad reactions to other medications one is taking. 
  • I'm really lost.

    I think that sharing your feelings, even online may be helpful, as you have done here. I am a grad student as well, recovering from non-hodgkins lymphoma treatment. I continue to try to focus on my research, I wish it were a more effective distraction than it is! I also understand the absence of support and the added burden that puts on you. We are here, even when no one else is.
  • Introducing Myself!

    Im john pappas, i just joined, im a survivor of hodgkins lymphoma, im almost three years out since finishing chemo, i still deal with chemo brain and post chemo anxiety and also since i finished treatment a tremendous lack of friends
  • npc stage 4b my story

    Had a long day today..6 hours of chemo and 10 minutes of radiation.
    Had my main course (Chemo) and my desert (Radiation).
    So far, no side effects, feeling well. And either unigue and strong or it will come in the near future, where some side effects will developed, as they expect. Nothing I cant handle..So far, all looking good.
    Have 30 more radiation tratment and 5 chemo.
    Ps there is a warrant for the arrest on cancer, the charge is "Murder"
    cancer of NPC - Google Search
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