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  • Confused

    I'm a cancer survivor and was checking out the video on the website intro page. In the video several people are saying that dormant and malignant tumors are "just as bad". I don't understand how this is true as malignant tumors are clearly much more dangerous and are more often fatal then dormant tumors.
  • I'm in a really bad place

    You are not alone in how you feel. I dealt with many of the same feelings before I had cancer. Your mind can make it seem like everyone you come in contact with is evil. When people stare at me I give them a big smile and it often changes how they see me.

    I would suggest talking to the social worker at the hospital where you were treated. They often have information about how to obtain affordable insurance or Medicare. I would strongly recommend talking to a therapist. I have found it to be extremely helpful during my cancer Journey. I can either vent, ask for suggestions about how to deal with problems in my life, and it really helps to hear ideas and solutions from someone else as I tend to be so negative that I see no options. I don't know what your physical or mental scars are, but your writing makes you sound intelligent and capable so don't give up, I'm sure there's a job for you out there. Sometimes a change of scenery is also helpful. Is moving to a new area, not too far from family an option? When I moved to a different state I felt like I got to start over and it was easier to be optimistic and to see the friendly faces in crowds of strangers. If I lived closer, I take you out to coffee, but unfortunately I'm up in New England. Also you should know that many forums have thousands of members and response times are much faster than on this website. I have felt very supported by using several different forums to discuss the challenges of cancer. Good luck.
  • I'm in a really bad place

    Cancer is incredibly isolating. I am also currently in a long stretch of unemployment. I think the fact that you reached out and shared the pain your going through is incredibly brave. Vulnerability is not weakness, it takes A LOT of strength to share your challenges. Cancer changes our bodies and how we think about ourselves. We are left with physical and mental scars that take a great deal of effort to deal with. It makes sense that you feel isolated and that you feel that others are against you because you faced a major threat on your life. BUT there are resources out there. There are organizations like Imerman Angels that connect you with other cancer survivors. Also on this cite there are links to find local cancer support groups. I'm sorry you're going through this, I know it's hard to apply for jobs when you feel like no one wants to hire a cancer survivor. After years of treatment I went back to school and I have gotten internships. Those places didn't search me that hard, because a lot of cancer stuff pops up for me too. But they took me on and have no idea I have had cancer. It's a long road back but there is hope out there. Feel free to message me on here.
  • Introducing Myself!

    Im john pappas, i just joined, im a survivor of hodgkins lymphoma, im almost three years out since finishing chemo, i still deal with chemo brain and post chemo anxiety and also since i finished treatment a tremendous lack of friends
  • npc stage 4b my story

    Had a long day today..6 hours of chemo and 10 minutes of radiation.
    Had my main course (Chemo) and my desert (Radiation).
    So far, no side effects, feeling well. And either unigue and strong or it will come in the near future, where some side effects will developed, as they expect. Nothing I cant handle..So far, all looking good.
    Have 30 more radiation tratment and 5 chemo.
    Ps there is a warrant for the arrest on cancer, the charge is "Murder"
    cancer of NPC - Google Search
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