Sick and single for New Years?

So this is just a venting post I guess..
Though each year after it passes, I tend to think New Year's Eve is a bit overrated;-)... as it approaches once again, and I find myself for now the 3rd year in a row, too sick and single to have exciting plans, I start to feel that pathetic feeling creeping in. 2008 i was going through chemo, so let myself off the hook then;-) 2009, though post treatment, still felt too sick to do anything. and now 2010, still feel too sick to do anything.. since new year's eve everyone either couples up.. or the single people do something that requires way too much energy/physical ability, I'm not left with many options.

Maybe it's the fact that it marks another year that I'm still sick when I thought I'd be better by now, and/or the fact that I'm going through everything still single.. but for some reason, something about New Year's Eve dredges up these feelings.... Of course it's not a big deal, there are indeed far worse things, and in the end I'll be quite content with some good takeout and a movie... but still...Just curious if anyone else finds themselves in the same boat... feel free to commiserate, ha, i guess misery does love company;-)