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F%#$ cancer


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  • DMMDMM Community Member
    blurbles;209 said:
    yep... F_U_C_K cancer.

    I second that emotion!
  • TOTALLY agree!

    Cancer can go shove itself in the toilet and flush.
  • Dawn Manoly;211 said:
    I second that emotion!

    I'll 3rd that.
  • i will kindly disagree with Michele08 and remphasize what blurbles stated.
    fuck cancer all the way to hell and worse.
  • well. i think your attitude makes a big difference in how you deal with treatment & what not. i mean yeah, cancer sucks...but it's not the end of the world.
  • Michele I agree it's all about the attitude. And yes f_u_c_k cancer too. Just don't dwell there. But also don't be a robot with no emotion because you're trying to force yourself to be happy. Sometimes overt positivity can hide underlying issues. It can cause you to not deal with these issues. Experience it all in it's paradoxical awesomeness and simultaneous shittiness.
  • DMMDMM Community Member
    Erin Eloise;324 said:
    I will agree with this because if I had not had cancer, I would not have come to the OMG! Summit last year and then I would not have met the love of my life and future husband, Kenny Kane :D

    Overall, I would have to agree with blurbles and becca.....but I do have to say if it wasn't for my second cancer diagnosis I would not have met some really great people. I wish I could have met them without having had to get cancer again....but that is life. Some days it really f-ing sucks, and some days it can be amazingly good.
  • Thank you but go away now

    I agree, cancer can go fuck it's self, in the most upbeat positive way I can mean such a thing. But also thank you cancer for making me cut my hair. I vowed to be an old gray woman with long hair because I couldn't stand that old woman always cut their hair short. Plus my mom always made me cut it short when I was little because she didn't know how to do curly hair. So I thought I would always have long, curly hair. Until sir cancer sucks a lot came in and made me take chemo, so I cut it as a precaution. And here, 4.5 treatments later, I still have 80% of my hair. And now I love my short hair. :)
  • Ldr12Ldr12 Community Member
    Erin Eloise;357 said:
    Yeah, I have met some absolutely incredible people because of my diagnosis, but I wish it didn't have to be that way. stinks that's how we have to meet some of the best people around. I'm so angry at cancer tonight. It can go away now.
  • absolutely agree!!! i dont know where i would be today if i had not gone through everything. its amazing how something so...BAD and harmful...can open some of the greatest doors in our lives :)
  • I totally agree with the positive feelings...I had friends ask how I could be so positive and I would answer, " I can't afford not to be". But, I agree f%@# cancer!
  • Ditto on all the sentiments...but without cancer I would not have been blessed with my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing son!!
  • Erin Eloise;357 said:
    Yeah, I have met some absolutely incredible people because of my diagnosis, but I wish it didn't have to be that way.
    I used to light up when a new someone, close to my age, showed up at one of the breast cancer groups I'm involved in but last week I nearly fainted when I entered the room and saw 7 new, young faces :...( At least we have each other, right?
  • asnyder;377 said:
    I agree, cancer can go fuck it's self, in the most upbeat positive way I can mean such a thing.
    That's kinda funny if you thing about it, because essentially, cancer does 'fuck' itself (via mitosis)...but that's of course only until we come in. AND KILL IT! (insert superhero cartoon sound effects ) ZAM! KABAM! BOOM! SHIZAM!
    P.S. Tumors fear me, I KILL cancer!
  • I think everyone can agree that Cancer is a taker not a giver! :( It doesn't matter what you are going through in life you know it could always be worse or better... I had thought I had been through the worst in my life. I don't know how many times I made plans or dreamed for myself to only be shot down by life and it's cruelty. But Ben, my best friend, husband, father to our only daughter...being sick...well that just takes the cake! I've lost all sense of any security that I've ever had. I had it in my mind that I could never trust anyone or anything and to never rely on anyone. Ben would have been the ONE person I've ever trusted truly and completely and relied on with my entire well being and our daugther's. So as of now, he cannot work or drive. BTW those are not just words. That is just a smidge of all of this crap that we now deal with. I am so glad for denial or whatever it is that my mind does so it's not at the forefront everyday. I can do other things besides worry. I can wipe away the worries when they start in racing through my mind. I will stop and focus on what I can do right now! It feels like cancer has stolen so much from us. We have learned to love each other on a whole other level. going through brain surgery and scans and Dr.s after Dr.s...omg! You look back at under 6 months and we are still standing. I have hope for good days. I appreciate quiet moments. I adore meals all 3 of us at the table. When Ben can get up take care of himself it's the bee knees! Running out of adjectives. I don't have a plan. I don't have expectations. I am dealing with issues as they arise. With Ben With Willow with myself. I'm learning as I go. Everyone will be taken care of the best I can do. I'm positive that cancer means so many different things to so many different people. Before this past Aug. I knew I had lost Grandparents to it. I knew my mother in law working at the cancer center deals with it everyday of her life, seeing so many sick people and their families and how they cope at any age. She sees the financial side and insurance or lack of side also...which can be a major factor for many. I have to say so many people have heard about Ben in our area and beyond and want to help or have helped, we had a huge amazing xmas because our community wanted us to! We get free meals brought to us. People shovel my sidewalk. :) Those small things make me say to myself I can do this, I'll ask for help when I need it and we will get through this. And wherever we end up on the other side I will know that I did my best and I loved the best I could and if I can't do it alone I will get help and not feel bad about it. It's almost forcing us to be courageous and live on the edge as in not being scared. We are bungee jumping we are getting up in the morning and living our lives. If that means getting in the car to take a drive or to do errands it's a start. And we will kick fears ass! We will squash anxiety. We will survive this day by day even minute by minute. Finding positivity isn't always easy finding support when you need it is so important.

    I'm done rambling. In the middle of the night ramblings nothing new for me but now they are are on overload. I appreciate this forum. I love reading all of your postings. You are all amazing!