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Hi out there. My husband was diagnosed in January and just started second line chemo after the first line failed. The doctors have high hopes second line will work. It's been very rough so far. We just got married in December and was then hit with this. Stage 4 nsclc. It sucks to say the least. We haven't even had a honeymoon yet. He's lost 50 pounds and chemo has exausted him. We are only 43. I forgot to mention that. Although I know the statistics and grim outcome of most with lung cancer. I choose to be positive. Miracles happen, we have faith and there are plenty out there that have beat the odds. I'm new to this sight. I'm glad I found it. The fight against stupid cancer continues. God bless you all.


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  • Let me be direct Micks wife. Your husband loves you and cancer will not change that. I strongly believe your bond of marriage, partnership or civil union is built on strength. Each of you will find ways to help the other find wholeness in your lives. You will know inner struggles daily and this is part of being a human - all you can do is show up for your husband each day with sincerity and humility. Knowing every step of the way they will be their best when you recognize it in them. The rest will take care of itself as will the diagnosis. Eat healthfully, exercise often and get outside regularly. Meditation and yoga can help if you find them beneficial to your stress level. My only caution would be to seek yoga classes outside of fitness clubs - seek those that are mindfulness or meditation based rather than exercise to your limit focused. The purist forms of yoga are about centering yourself and easing into your flexibility limits - not forcing it. Take walks, go see a sporting event or a movie. Maybe you would enjoy a trip to an art museum? Whatever activity will bring the two of you closer.

    Wishing you strength

  • Thank you James. Today we are going to weekly chemo. He's down and feeling nauseous. He didn't sleep well last night. He coughed some. We started liquid musinex 4 days ago and it's working to control the cough but yesterday I gave him the 12 hour capsule thinking that would be better and *sigh* it wasn't, therefore he coughed through the night and I waited until 2 am to give him the liquid again which immediately calmed the cough again. He's gonna do the capsule for the day and liquid at night. I think that will work. I'm in knots this morning, I'm concerned about him. He hates not working, he loved his job. He hates the drive to the hospital, the long wait for chemo to be mixed, the hour long infusion. It's not fair really, but then again, I suppose it's not fair for anyone. I just want normalcy back. Our lives are consumed with this. I pray every night for him to beat this, for life to return to the same routine we left months ago. I love him dearly. I found out recently his family was concerned about my commitment level to him in the beginning of this. Considering we are newlyweds. It kinda made me a little angry. Why wouldn't I be there for him? I made the promise, we ARE getting older, and not everyday can be sunshine and roses. Regardless, I'm here, always will be. I love him more everyday. He goes to hell and back every Tuesday. He knows Tuesday night he's going to be knocked out. Wednesday, he's going to be achey and sore. Thursday, he's going to have whatever weird side effect comes with that week. Friday, will be more of the same. Sunday and Monday will be a little better for him long enough to do it all over again on Tuesday. He's incredibly strong. I'm not sure I could go through it with as much strength as he does. He never complains. He said he's just doing what he can to survive through it. I, however go to work everyday, and am a wreak while I'm there. I don't like being away from him. I rush to get home and dread leaving in the morning. I have no choice, I'm the only one working. Well, off to unc now. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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