Movies that define us

The other day I was reminded how much the movie Philadelphia (starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington) has spoken FOR me. Although I have never been diagnosed as HIV+, the experience Andy (Tom Hanks) has with the medical community resonates with the story of my own life.

You will find on this journey of life that there are those in this world who 'see' you in just one glance. They barely need to know the of details of your life--they just see you. They recognize it in the way you treat others, look out for community and if their own life story has any overlap with yours--they will simply know it by looking at you.

As a long-term survivor of a pediatric bria tumor (dx at 4.5 years) I have become quite familiar with hospitals, nurses and EMTs. These selfless individuals work each and every day--desperately trying to save humanity--one human being at a time. It's an uphill battle filled with medical school shortcomings (functional medicine), insurance industry power grabs, pharmaceutical industry coercion and the ivory tower/silo'd research phenomenon.

Despite this our Nation now appears ready to take the helm of this massive ship. Its never too late to course-correct but it requires the cooperation of an entire army of hearts and minds. In doing so we must respect rank and have faith in the process. A whole new generation of informed political advocacy is about to begin.

Welcome aboard.