Gah, why are you giving me such trouble body? XD

So recently I've been having trouble walking (left leg) and well, I had an MRI and found out that because of the steroids I'm on, somehow they messed with the oxygen levels in my hip (or hips, I haven't asked yet, my parents got a phone call)... so I'm going to need at least one new hip.

So I'm nervous about going under. I've done that before when my lung collapsed, but yeah, I'm still nervous. I also don't know when I'll be going to get the new hip and I think my trip to England has been cancelled (if I get the surgery done soon then no trip). I was looking forward to that trip too. Why must anti-cancer drugs drive my body crazy? XD

Thanks for listening :)


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  • PCMillerPCMiller Community Member

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say I'm sorry your body's giving you some trouble and possibly interrupting vacation plans. Seeing as how you'd like to go, it's my hope the trip can be re-organized so you may travel at a later date, should you get the operation sooner rather than later. Certainly having a goal like traveling to England (I've never been, wish I could) can aid in the recovery process although it's a pain to have to postpone it.

    As far as going under, while it can be disconcerting, the technology behind anesthesia applications is to a point now where it is very controllable and you have little to worry about as it, and you, are monitored constantly. I sometimes think of it as giving my brain a break (which it needs, given how much I am in my head).

    I wish you much luck in your operation and a quick and speedy recovery. I also hope the cancer drugs ease up on you a bit and behave!

  • Thanks. :) I hope that things do work out for me as I'd really like to see my relatives. I don't know when I'll get the new hip(s?) but yeah. Hopefully things will work otu.

    Heh. I hope so too with those pesky drugs. XD I also wish you luck with your cancer and hope it goes away and stays away!