Local BC Resource Centers

I get A LOT of free wigs and knitted hats but would LOVE more info on the following:
- INSURANCE info. BCCTP vs Medi-Cal vs HMO
- Weekly, YOUNG women’s support groups. 20-somethings! Not just once a month!
- Exercise programs (can we get a gym membership DISCOUNT already. i mean, c’mon!)
- Nutrition (found out today medi-cal doesn’t cover a dietitian. is this a joke?)
- FUN events. cancer patients like to have fun too. not just bike & walk all the time.

A popular cancer resource center on facebook hasn’t responded to my e-mail in 1 week and counting. These centers need to dump the old ladies, hire people who LOVE their job, and get with technology already. GEEZ.


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  • Have you checked out our Stupid Cancer San Diego group? They don't have weekly events, but they have a lot of events. All different kinds, too. This is their FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/i2ysandiego/

    Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction on some of the other stuff. Here, some local gyms do discounts, free training sessions, etc, but it's just a local thing. If you get hooked up with the local group, there might be more community knowledge on some of the stuff.

    Hope this helps a little bit!
  • I 2nd what Jason said. A Stupid Cancer group sounds like it would meet a lot of your needs.

    Also look into Livestrong's partnership with the YMCA. They do programs (and discounts) to get survivors exercising in gyms.

    Look up Cancer to 5k, also. They're based in Baltimore, but they have an online training program, too. I participated in the online program (in TX) and when I was going through it, I know there were a couple other folks, one was in Phoenix. It was totally free. They even paid my race entry fee for the 5k race at the end of the program, and I got a box of schwag in the mail.
  • very awesome! i'm looking in to it now. thank you!