losing hair

Here we are, 6 months into chemo and he's feeling better. The cough is better, but the worst at night. He's sleeping finally and has been put on a low dose of dexamethasone. That steroid has given me my husband back. He's not vomiting, eating like crazy, no nausea and actually smiling again. It's a good thing to see. Last night we saw the hair on his pillow. He's started losing it after 6 months of chemo every week and on the first week he's had a break from it. I could tell it upset him. He has short hair now, but for 20+ years he had hair halfway down his back. He's been mistaken for Kid Rock every where he went. Funny because he's from Detroit also. He would grow it out and donate to cancer patients. Iroinic because now he has cancer. Anyway, I told him not to worry. I love him. He's handsome, beautiful, and it will grow back. I don't think it was truley vanity to blame but rather because it makes him "look" sickly. You couldn't really tell he was sick before now. He didn't look like he has cancer. Now he will. I truley don't mind about the hair and I tried to let him know I'd rather have him cured and get better than Kid Rocks flowing mane any day. He smiled and told me he loved me madly. Cancer truly sucks no two ways about it. It has however brought us closer. There's nothing I wouldn't do for that man. I pray now he's with me till we are both old and gray and we can say remember when....... For now though we fight this cancer beast. I love my husband madly.


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