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I have been a professional Musician since I was 16, and actually got diagnosed with Neuro Endocrine Cancer right after Spring Break this year, in the middle of my semester at a celebrated Conservatory. Talk about life-changing! I couldn't finish what would have been my Junior year, so now I'm behind. Hopefully I can continue doing well with treatment and return in the Spring. I doubt I will be able to go back this Fall!

Apparently, one of the key people with Stupid Cancer is a Concert Pianist. I am actually a Pipe Organist and still maintain my position as the Endowed Organ Scholar at the Episcopal Cathedral here in Kansas City. The people there have been my heroes, taking much care of me since I have no family here and I really don't want to leave my opportunities behind and "go home".

Fortunately, the assisted living facility I moved into has a piano so I can practice...when I have energy and treatments are not getting the best of me. I am actually just getting over some joint/bone pain in my hands. Maybe it's the Chemo affecting bone marrow?!

So if you're a musician, please feel free to reach out and connect with me!


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  • Hello there! Yes, the founder and CEO of Stupid Cancer is a very accomplished pianist. For me? Well, I don't really play any instruments. I can plunk around on a piano, mainly doing top hand stuff. I know a few chords on the guitar and have played a variety of instruments ever since elementary school (Viola, flute, clarinet, french horn, keyboard) but really can't play them anymore.

    However, I studied music in college and am a pretty darn good vocalist. I also am the chorister and director of my congregation and choir at my church. So, yes. Music is a HUGE part of my life. :)

    In fact, in my classroom at work, they have this musical instrument (not sure what it is... almost like a harp perhaps?) and a co-worker was tuning it. I cringed when he played the scale on it cause I knew a string was out of tune. He couldn't hear it. But sure enough, when he went back to that string, it was flat. haha
  • Well you are very Musical! Even though I just got diagnosed and am in treatment, my position as the Pipe Organ scholar at the Episcoapl Cathedral here in Kansas City still stands. They have actually been my saving grace in all this. I'm working on scheduling my chemo treatments so that I can be there to fill in when the Canon Musician is gone. Otherwise, I would pass out at the Organ bench lol.

    Is the instrument in your classroom an Autoharp?
  • That's great they are keeping you on. I know throughout my entire treatment I just wanted life to be normal. So, keeping things as normal as possible is very good.

    I googled and found out the thing in my classroom is called the "Music Maker Lap Harp." It looks like this:

  • OH WOW! That's better than an Autoharp. I want to send this pic to the professor I had Intro to Music Education with!

    after in treatment this week and have plenty of time!

    Musicians pipe up!

    Im being brave and taking on a gig in two weeks. Need the money and hope I have strength to after this round of Chemo

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