Just started a new treatment for advanced breast cancer called Abraxane. I wanted to share my experience so far with this chemo drug. right now it's wonderful! It has NO STEROIDS or other pre-treatment meds. I hoping to start losing the 40 pounds I've gained from 6 months of weekly steroids from taxol. I've also had zero side effects so far with it. My fingernails are still recovering from the taxol. I'm told by my onc that Abraxane has little to no effect on nails/hands so i'll keep everyone posted. very excited to start working out again knowing i really have a chance to lose the weight. Still continuing to eat right too. I also have new upcoming scans at the end of July. Hopefully the cancer is gone! Only time will tell. If anyone else uses this treatment please share!


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  • Had BC in 2006... no Abraxane but did have Taxol. It is heavy-duty s*&t! Did you have any nerve damage from it?
  • The biggest thing with the taxol (besides the hair loss) was my fingernails becoming disconnected and both thumbs becoming infected. I also got a red rash on my hands that travelled up my arm to two spots but i keep a lot of lotion on it to prevent it from dryness/cracking/pain. Other than that i didn't experience any nerve damage on taxol; I was on it for 5 1/2 months. Nails are clearing with now the abraxane but the rash on hands/arm are now a more like darker shades of brown than my normal skin tone. not too bad. I also get less stomach cramps (i experienced them often with taxol). Still awaiting my scans at the end of this month. very anxious.

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