Just found out my grade for my summer school course :)

Guess what? I got an A in the class (Technology and Society). I'm really happy about it. Three credit course too. We'll see how I do this Fall, but still, it's a great feeling to be doing well in school while having treatment (okay that's on hold right now because of my platelets, but still!).


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  • good job! it took me a year of coursework post-treatment to be able to pull off an A again. I nearly failed two of those courses one semester, I was doing so poorly halfway through. I had to bust my tail just to pull off a B by the end.
  • Thanks. Most of my grades are in the B range (I went back to school after treatment wasn't so rough), but at times it's definitely been a struggle. Hope school and or work are going well for you now. :)
  • not quite done with school yet. looking to finish soon. my coursework has been finished for over a year now, so I only have to finish my thesis.

    about halfway through my coursework in my master's program was when I got my diagnosis. I had a 4.0 up until then. I was really proud of that, too, because I had never managed to sustain a GPA that high at any point in the past. probably due in large part to the fact that the school I'm currently attending is much easier than anything I had attended previously. not that it mattered too much. my college doesn't even award magna/summa cum laude at graduation, even though others at the university do. I believe if they did, my GPA is still high enough to qualify for summa cum laude.

    with that said, my thesis has proven to be plenty challenging. I had absolutely no stats courses until grad school, so they're pretty hard for me. well, the stats I'm doing in my project are hard for me. they're not your typical stats. sometimes I get really frustrated at the other grad students in other programs. average thesis length for those of us studying wildlife tends to be in excess of 200 pages. I had a forestry student ask me recently if i thought 90 pages was too much. if it was a guy, I'd have hit him for that. right now, I have almost 100 pages of tables and figures alone. when it's all said and done, 250 pages is not going to be out of the question. AND I survived leukemia.

    too many students at this school just skate by on the minimum.
  • Wow! You sound really smart! :D Your thesis sounds pretty interesting too. Oh yeah that does sound annoying of that woman to say that. Doing grad school while surviving leukemia? That's awesome. I hope your thesis goes well. It sounds like you're on your way. :)
  • at times my thesis is interesting. but to be honest, for the past year, those times have been more uncommon than not. the stats and data crunching suck.

    being smart sucks at times, too. it can be hard to relate to people at times.
  • Aw. Well hopefully it'll get interesting again. You can do it! :)

    I get that too. It can be hard. I'm thinking I may have to up my course load in the spring and fall (2013) to 4 courses. I think I should be able to do that since I'll be done treatment then, but then there's the whole hip surgery in the spring. Ah well, I'm sure I'll figure out something.
  • what sorts of courses are you talking about? 4 courses per term was pretty much a typical full-time load when I was an undergrad, and usually wasn't too bad. in grad school, that's considered a pretty heavy load since I'm supposed to be working on my thesis, also. in my time here, I mostly had 2 courses and thesis credits, but I did take 3 courses one term before I started on my project.

    seems to me like a big factor in your case will be how much chemobrain you've got to deal with. for me, the chemobrain was so bad that I have very few memories from 2009-mid 2010 (my high dose chemo was finished in November 2009). and the ones I do have are pretty fuzzy most of the time. the turning point seems to be my Hawaii vacation in July 2010.
  • Yeah, it shouldn't be too bad. I'm doing undergrad again (so I can get a better job). The courses I have this semester (just 3) are two library courses and one computer course. The computer course shouldn't be too hard as I'm pretty good with computers. :) Luckily my chemobrain hasn't been that bad in a while and I've got understanding teachers and my adviser is one of my teachers for my library courses. The courses I plan to take don't look too bad so there's that. I'll just do my best. That's all I can do right? :)
  • that doesn't sound bad.

    yep, about all you can do is your best.
  • Thanks. :) My platelets have recovered now thankfully so I'm back on chemo. I hope you're able to go back eventually. :)