Father with Stage IV prostate cancer metastasized to spinal column & hip

I've posted about my daughter in the My Child is Sick forum.

My father was diagnosed with terminal stage iv prostate cancer metastasized to the bones in July of 2009. At that time they gave him 2-10 years to live. His PSA was in the 900s. Once he had radiation to get rid of the largest tumors in his spine, they started him on hormone therapy. His PSA started to drop extremely quickly. Things were looking up.... When we got the awesome news that my daughter's ALL treatment would be finishing up on schedule (July 2010), we got the awful news that my dad's PSA was on the rise.

After my daughter was diagnosed with a relapse of her ALL, my dad just seemed to get worse. He's back to not being able to walk very well.

I feel bad, because I'm not able to help him as much as I should be, because I have to be with my daughter. He's living with my sister and she's a mess on her own without all this going on. He's only 56, so it's really hard to watch him decline so quickly after watching him be such an active player in sports in his 20s and 30s (and a little into his 40s but he wasn't suppose to be!)

It's hard for my daughter to watch him decline too, but she needs to be around her Grandpa while he's still here. He really is a great person.



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  • Wow Clarissa,

    You have your hands full. Do not feel guilty, your focus is and must be on you daughter and I'm sure your dad would not have it any other way. You know that all the adults in your life would take the cancer for her if they could. My dad had prostate cancer when he was 70, had surgery and is now 85. My mom is fading away and as long as I can remember to try to just stay in the moment with her we do quite well. Loosing a parent and watching them suffer is never easy, we can't help but revert back to being a child in there presence and when you have to reverse the position and become a caregiver it just does not seem right.

  • I know how sad and scary it can be after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Can we have an update on how your Dad is doing? I have to suggest starting a PC digest. With having to juggle taking care of both your daughter and your father, I think that this is one of the best ways to keep track of everything that is going on. Down the road, it will also help with discussion and decision-making. Good luck to your dad and please keep us updated.
  • Hello, a couple days ago, I posted a thread on here about some products we used for my fiance that had sarcoma in his thigh a few years ago and helped. I have copied & pasted it here. Don't know exactly which products worked but something did. I was told that the Marine Phytoplankton, ProAlgaZyme & Maitake mushroom can be used as preventative tretment & have also been known to to even kill cancer cells. Hope it helps you :) God Bless! -Alexis

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Alexis & just thought I would share my story & what we did that helped our situation. Maybe it will be a blessing to someone else. My name is Alexis & about 5 years ago my fiancé found a lump on his thigh & had it removed & biopsied. The Dr. called with the results saying that the mass they removed tested positive for sarcoma cancer. He then had to go back and have more of his thigh tissue removed to make sure all the tissue in his thigh was clear of the cancer cells. Needless to say, after removing it the first time, the mass ended up growing back and over an extended period of time, he needed a few more surgeries to clear it all out. That situation was the biggest scare of our lives as he was only in his early 20’s & we were told that he is pretty lucky given the type of sarcoma cancer it was. When all this happened I did extensive research online & wrote down everything & anything I could do & products I could get him that could help. After doing so, I went to the health food store & bought everything pretty much available that they said might help & put it on my credit card even if it meant putting me in debt. I didn’t care at that point. After making him take all this stuff along with a healthy diet, eliminating as much sugar as possible as I have read that cancer cells feed on sugar, a lot of heart felt prayer & attaching our faith to it, we went back to the surgeon & he said that he didn’t know what we were doing but to keep doing it because the tumor was actually shrinking. It had shrunk a whole centimeter. The surgeon was pretty shocked. He did end up having his last surgery to make sure they got it all just to be safe and thank the Lord, he has been cancer free ever since. Just wanted to share what helped us in our situation and I pray that it will help you too. Here are the products in detail we used. I bought all the items at Sunflower Market (I think it is now Sprouts Farmer’s Market www.sprouts.com) & just used them as directed on the bottle. He used them up to a month after everything came back cancer free & is no longer taking them but if you wish to continue taking them long term maybe talk to your Dr. to see what they recommend. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them he best I can [email]LiveWell2037@gmail.com[/email] God's Blessings & Health to all of you!!!!!!!

    -Super Nutrition Men’s Blend Antioxidant Rich Multi-Vitamin (they also have a women’s version) (was told by someone who worked at the vitamin department that this specific brand has been proved to help kill cancer cells)

    -Solaray Maitake Mushroom with Reishi & Shitake Mushrooms 600mg. per capsule

    -Nature’s LifeD-3 2,000 IU It says on the bottle Natural Cholecalciferol Bone Health 120 Softgels

    -(comes in a dropper bottle) UMAC-CORE Marine Phytoplankton Concentrated Marine Phytonutrients

    -ProAlgaZyme FOR TOTAL BODY HEALTH Biologically Active Algae Supplement (on the bottle is has a website also: www.ProAlgaZyme.com www.mypazcom)

    -(comes in a dropper bottle) HERBS ETC. Alcohol Free ChlorOxygen Professional Strength, Chlorophyll Concentrate 36 drops = 100mg (added a packet of Stevia sweetenter & it seriously tasted like sweet tea)

    -Bottle of Powdered Spirulina and added daily dose to a smoothie. It made it taste better. You can also sprinkle it on food.