"The phone call"

I got an unusual phone call from my mother today. She NEVER calls me in the middle of the day on a weekday.

My grandfather was diagnosed with leukemia...AML, same as me. She doesn't know the subtype, but it's not like it matters. my grandfather is 86, has diabetes, and has the beginnings of dementia. He does not have long. He is getting injectable chemo, I suspect just to manage his symptoms and give him a bit more time. My grandmother knows it's serious, but I'm not sure she understands how quick AML is. She seems to think he'll make it to winter. I'm not so sure.

I just bought plane tickets to go see him. Short notice plane tickets are so expensive, but I need to see him ASAP. I rescheduled a meeting with my adviser about my thesis to make room and let him know what's up. I really hope I finish all my crap in Texas so I can make it up to Indy permanently to spend more time with him and my grandmother.