College saved me.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]199[/ATTACH]This is my last picture for college. I am offically a photography graduate! I recieved my diploma today in the mail! College helped me get through all this cancer crap. If it wasnt for my college professor telling me that I needed a doctors note to make up a test I could possibly not be here today! If I wasn't in college and taking classes when all this started I would of probably not had something to distract myself from the cancer treatments and everything that comes with it! College saved me basically... If I had nothing to distract myself from some of the cancer stuff I probably would of gotten depressed and freaked out a lot more. If I didn't say to myself, "Hey you need to get all this homework done and concentrate on the photo projects!" I would of sat there worrying whether or not I was going to survive and get all worked up about it. When I get worked up about something I cry like crazy and if it gets bad enough I can get sick. You can't get sick when you have cancer... Its not good! You all know that I mean. College was the main thing that helped me to survive cancer.
College saved me. :biggrin: