Read my manuscript about my husband's battle with Testicular cancer (FREE)

My name is Roberta Goodman and my husband was thirty-six years old when he was diagnosed with Testicular cancer back at the beginning of January 2011. He had surgery and endured four cycles of chemotherapy, twenty rounds in all. As of May 2011, he’s been cancer-free. He went through hell and made it back stronger than ever and for this my family is grateful. He does have lingering permanent side effects from the chemo, but thankfully they’re not life-threatening. They’re uncomfortable at times, but Eric has learned to live with them.

Back when he was diagnosed, I chose to write about what we were going through because I needed a way to cope. I also wanted a way to educate people about what chemotherapy entails. In articulating what we went through, I hoped to give hope to those who have been diagnosed or have loved ones or friends with this disease. I’ve decided to post it on my blog in an attempt to reach anyone who would like to read what my family went through. Parts of it are extremely personal, but in revealing the everyday issues and or hardships we faced I hope to help others.

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