here we go again

was in remission for 6 months and 2 weeks ago i found out i have tumors growing in my lungs again. Im just so frustrated with it all and i am still a private person with my diagnosis. anyone have a facebook? would like to chat with people about how they get through everything


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  • I do. I have a number of cancer survivor friends on there. Some going through relapse treatment, as well. I also have a Google+ page, which I prefer. You can find me by doing an e-mail search, and using my screen name here at yahoo.
  • Can I jump in on the FB conversation too? I finished radiation in August following surgery in May. Long story short I went in for a CT scan on Monday to try and figure out why I'm having pain around one of the incisions. Low and behold, (after a follow up PET Scan on Tuesday) no answer on the right side but I have two tumors on the left pelvis. Biopsy Monday. SO MUCH FOR GETTING THE "GOOD" CANCER HUH DOC?! I'm grateful that I had pain on my right side to reveal what's going on in the left.

    The only smart thing I'm doing for myself this time, aside from a lot of prayer and meditation, is NOT spending countless hours researching anything on-line until we absolutely know if these tumors stem from the endo cancer or something new. As it is I'm never going to get the 2 hrs back I spent watching Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star this morning.
  • How are you doing, mermer4?