NEED HELP 21 years after surgery of Astrocytoma G2

Dear all,
My mother had a surgery when she was 39 years old in 1991. The type of the tumour was Grade II. It had 3 cm diameter and was in the left frontal region of the brain. After surgery she had chemotherapy. Also she took pills for a few years but she returned to job after chemotherapy. I left home for school in 2003. Up to that time she was OK and happy.

My father told me she felt for the first time when walking in 2007. My father told me she said she could not stop herself when walking. Last year, the colour of her lips started turning into purple sometimes and she felt tired usually. And now she barely sits, usually lies. Sometimes she falls when walking. She forgets like an old person forgets near past. And last month she started biting her tongue frequently and for that reason she usually chews a gum. Except her brain she is healthy. Last year doctors suspected recurrence of the tumour but MRI scan was OK.

Some of the doctors said her sickness is Parkinson. But some others said it was not obvious whether she had Parkinson or not. The symptoms must be effects of the brain surgery. A doctor told them that the shape of the brain changes each year because of the huge cavity left after surgery 21 years ago. Currently they are trying some pills but some made my mother vomit and sometimes she faints. When I visited her 3 weeks ago she was not well. She barely walks. She behaves as if her mother behaved a few years before she died in her 90s. She hardly remembered my middle name.

I think doctors are not able to diagnose her sickness. I need help. What can be the reason of her sickness? Do you have relatives or friends who had surgery long time ago and survived? Were they diagnosed Parkinson or some other neurological disease?

Please help.
Thanks in advance

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