Almost finished

I'm working on my presentation for my master's thesis defense, which is on Thursday this week. Can't believe I've actually reached this point after putting the degree on hold for treatment.


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  • I've been to a few of these from other students and they're run a bit differently here.

    1. they don't care about paraphrasing the question
    2. many committee members intentionally ask questions they think you don't know the answer to. if you don't know the answer, say so. they are trying to trip you up to see if you will try to BS your way through the answer.
    3. practice...of course.
    4. presenter view: I have seen it and we do have that capability. couple problems. I've never used it, and I'm not about to experiment now. and more importantly, the computer I'm building my presentation on has an old version of Powerpoint that does not support presenter view. I am a good presenter, however, and shouldn't need it.
  • Geez, don't take things personally. I've been working a lot, and am a little short on sleep. Sorry for not being warm and fuzzy enough for you.

    Just pointing out that not all of your suggestions may apply in my case. I don't get nervous for presentations. I've done conference talks, too, and fielded questions without tripping over myself. Granted, I didn't have any jerks attending who put me through the wringer for shits and giggles, either, and I'm glad they didn't. I had undiagnosed leukemia at my last one and was in pretty bad shape. But I'm not afraid of just saying I don't know something. My memory is pretty rotten these days and there's a good chance I will be asked things I do know, but won't be able to remember for days or weeks after. There's no way possible for me to remember all 250 pages of my thesis. So if I don't remember something that I should remember, I'll be honest about it.
  • So I dunno where all that came from. I don't recall asking for suggestions. Support does not always equal suggestions.

    I finished the seminar and defense. The seminar went well, I got a lot of positive feedback about it. I took too long, though. It's just hard to dilute 4 years of work into 40 minutes of talk. The defense was fine. Had some tough questions, but I never felt heavily pressured, so when something wasn't too clear to me or my answers weren't quite what they were looking for, my committee helped to direct me towards the answer. I also surprised them a couple of times with answers better than they expected, so that was good. In the end, they signed off. Now for revisions.