How i'm dealing with this...

Hello out there. I would like to begin starting off by saying I can't stand this some days. the people at the hospital finally are great now. but before this all began well I would just have to start by telling my story in a summarized version. I believe I had this for a long time its just that the doctors I went to never could find it. it took me almost losing my life and ending up in the emergency room about to have surgery to realize that something was really wrong with me. I just wanted to have surgery and be healthy again, but now this. I guess they tell me when my chemotherapy over I get to do another cat san to see if its all gone, but as for now I can't work. I get sick on certain days. my family doesn't know what to say to support me. I feel like a loner. At least I have one person in my life my other half. He is great. I just feel like I don't want to tell him everything. well I will post more soon.


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