OMG 2013 Roommate Finder

Looking for a roommate for Vegas??

Use this thread to post your information and find other people who are willing to share a room and split the costs.

**The sole purpose of this forum is to provide a platform for people to connect and find potential roommates for Vegas. We bear no responsibility for outcomes.


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  • hey, if anyone is looking to split the costs and such for double room or a quad. i am available ...this is my facebook if you want to get in touch

    I am planning to reserve my room in a week or two so let me know ASAP
  • I have been searching online and roomster is the best site to find roommates in all areas. They have people that go on there site and sign up for free and it didn't take me long to find me a room. The room was in new york which is a highly populated area. I just feel like it is a good thing to let other people know about a site that helped me find a room for rent the same day. It is a awesome site and I would recommend it to everyone whos interested in finding rooms or even if you have a room to let.

    It can be hard sometime to find roommates in certain areas but with roomster you can find a room for rent and all locations which is in my opinion great. The room I found in new york was a nice room and in a good environment. I was surely please with the results and emails that I have received. At first before I found this site it was very frustrating trying to find me a room. But to let you get started with your search for your room for rent go to the link below and good luck.
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    Hello, I am looking for a roommate for OMG. The only thing is that I use a feeding pump at night. I know some people need quiet and I can muffle the sound and it's not real loud. I will actually be there from the 24th through the 30th to get in a little extra fun time :)

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