My son called. Feel my anxiety rising.

My son just returned from a month long trip out of the country. I had been expecting his call and couldn't wait to hear about his adventures. After we figured out when we could get together, he said " I have been feeling strange". "Something is not right." He has Anaplastic Astrocytoma and has been treated for three brain tumors, but besides the initial grand mal seizure that alerted us to his first tumor, he has not experienced "physical symptoms" from any of his tumors. He also has been on Temodar for almost two years. Since the third tumor popped up in August, the Doc increased his Chemo to 21 days per month. My son told me that he is done taking Chemo and is going to tell his Doc on Monday morning.

I am anxious. Not because he wants to stop the Chemo. It's his description of how he is feeling. New. It scares me.


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  • maybe he should find someone with the similar type of illness he has to compare or talk about how each other are feeling.... i am not familiar with his tumor and such..but with what i am going through i would love to meet someone with my type of tumor so we can talk about each others experiences... i have found other friends with other types of cancers, which helps me alot.. but their experience is different as my cancer is(as i am told) a rare one...

    best of luck to you and your son, family