An Idea for others and a humble request for assistance

Me and my uncle Marc Eric have made a fundrazor account to for lack of a better term beg on the internet for donations of any amount. My father was diagnosed with throat cancer two weeks ago and started Radiation and chemo last Tuesday. My mother is also a cancer survivor, and after paying for her treatment our family is stretched unimaginably thin.

I understand if you cannot donate, many of you may also be in this position, But I also post here both is a request from the link I post to be shared and to offer the idea to others. I am fully willing to help anyone who asks to set up a fundrazor account or something similar I am studying in the IT field and know a fair amount about how website like these work.

I also offer as much tech assistance or advice to anyone who can read this, it's the least I can do after coming to your site and posting such a request.

My apologies if anyone finds this post offensive.