Breast Cancer Treatment Medicines

Apart from Nolvadex which is also known as tamoxifen in generic world are there other affordable medicines which help to treat breast cancer.


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  • I think Tamoxifen is the only one. I think it's usually fairly cheap, though. Is your cancer hormone positive? If it's not, then your oncologist wouldn't prescribe tamoxifen anyway.
  • I agree with "misslene78", do you have side effects of tamoxifen ?
  • If you have had your ovaries out or chemo has put you in the menopause you can take aromatase inhibitors... Anastrazole, letrozole, exemestane. These are only effectictive if the breast cancer is hormone responsive.... If it has no hormone receptors then these drugs and tamoxifen wont work. If the cancer is Her2+ then herceptin should work on it plus another couple of new drugs given by infusions.... Perjeta, TDM1 and possibly lapatinib. Loads more in trials. If you have triple negative BC neg for oestrogen, progesterone, and her2 (this is the kind i have) then none of these drugs will work only chemo is effective.

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