Was anyone else's cancer "just another obstacle"?

Like, I had started going back for a Bachelor's degree in 2010 and was nearly finished with the semester when my leg started bothering me. This is how I found out I had cancer. I survived, and yes, I'm glad I'm alive. But I missed a whole year. I could still do office work so I am trying to complete my degree while I continue to get better at walking with a walker and my extended shoe (if I lose enough weight, I can start using a cane).

But it does mean I won't be done until Spring of 2014.

It's not only cancer recovery, but infection and the fear of either cancer coming back or if not, missing school. I'd rather get things like tests and assignments.out of the way. As long as I am still living, that is my major concern.

At times it's almost like, "What more can life throw at me?"

All I can do is have faith. But it is a pain sometimes.


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  • I'm going to school full time and working part time. Every time I start a semester I always tell the teacher what has happened to me. Many of them understand and will help me work around missing school or turning it something late. I've had a teacher who has someone in their family dealing with cancer. She helped me out so much with making sure I didn't miss a test or make sure I wasn't falling behind. I hate the cancer for messing up my life but I do the best that I can to work around it best that I can.
  • I was less than a year into my master's degree program when I was diagnosed. I had not yet even finished my first season of field work. My adviser found someone to finish my field work for me while I was undergoing treatment and unable to do so (funding had a time restriction, so it HAD to get done). I was away from school for almost a year, but had to retake the semester of classes I had begun, and I had to modify my thesis some. Effectively, it added a year and a half or maybe even more to a 2 year program, which took me 4.5 years to complete. But I did it. I got my degree (just turned in my thesis about 2 weeks ago).

    Now I'm job hunting and trying to sell a house almost 900 miles away from where I'm living. One battle after another.
  • I was 18 when i found out and im a sophmore in college now, having that constant fear of it coming back.
    I wonder if that fear will ever go away?
  • You have to make it go away. It's a conscious decision to move on anytime those thoughts creep in. It won't "go away" otherwise.
  • I've relapsed twice, so maybe I'm a little more cynical about this than most but I don't think the thoughts will ever "go away". They'll get better, less frequent and easier to manage. It is really hard not to worry that I'm "due" for something bad to happen again. I think it is important not to let the thoughts get in the way of living your life but acknowledging them is the only way to deal with the fear and stress that is associated with them.