Head hurts/bf probs/no sex...

I'm new to this but needed somewhere to vent besides a piece of paper that later gets thrown away.

I'm tired of being punished for having cancer. It chose me, I didn't choose it. It's not my fault my stupid a** head is constantly hurting and interfering with our sex life. It's not my fault I call out of work so often... I'd much rather have money in my pocket and be out than to be stuck in the house in pain. You think your frustrated because we have no sex life.... How frustrated do you think I am having f*ckin cancer..... I sit and cry in the room when you leave because you don't fully understand and I'm just stuck their lone with my head a swirl.


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  • byexleybyexley Community Member
    This is a good place to vent. I am sorry your partner isn't being very understanding. It's hard to fully understand what we as cancer patients and survivors go through.
  • I'm going through something really similar with my boyfriend right now. he actually stopped showing an interest in having sex with me recently and wont tell me why. I think it's because I look so different. i dont know. it seems too shallow for someone who loves me but I cant think of anything else. He isnt very understanding either. hes always telling me that I need to do more around the house when I try so hard to help out as much as I can while im going through chemo. We were living togther and he just kicked me out a week ago. Im completely heart broken and confused so if you ever need anyone to talk to about this im your girl.