Time to battle, bring it on!

Hey everyone,

My name is Joe and I am a 27 year old male. I have been recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last Tuesday (4.13.13) and I have to say, it's been more exhausting than anything. Since then, I have spent almost everyday visiting Doctors and undergoing tests to prepare for chemotherapy. I guess I just wanted to post to see if anyone would like to relate to my beginning stages and provide any words of wisdom. I am doing my very best to stay strong but I am preparing for the days that I may not be able to help myself from breaking down a bit. Several future plans of mine have had to take a back seat and I am finding it very difficult to deal with these impending road blocks but I realize my health takes full precedence. That's pretty much it for now so, I look forward to hearing from some of you soon. Thanks for listening.


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  • babez1babez1 Community Member
    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to the forum, sorry you had to come. Your battle will be a tough one, but it is doable. Keep positive, reach out for help when you need it and it will make the duration of treatment a little easier. Plan to do something after treatment so you have that light at the end of the tunnel. We had to postpone a tropical vacation with my treatment, but it was something I got to look forward to once the doc gave his ok.

    What stage are you? Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer :)
  • Hey,

    Thanks for the reply and the advice. I was formally diagnosed with Stage IIB, Nodular Lymphocyte Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I just had my port surgery today and I am scheduled to begin chemo with an additional Ritoxin (not sure how its spelled) regimen beginning next Wednesday. Physically, I'm all set but mentally, it really hit me hard today. It's just very surreal at this point and when I heard how long each treatment session would be, it just didn't settle well. Anyways, thanks again and I look forward to hearing anymore advice you may have, soon.
  • treatment involves a lot of sitting or laying around. Lots of TV. Lots of poking around the internet (if you have access). Lots of sleeping. My docs managed my side effects pretty well, so my rounds of chemo weren't so bad. in a way I looked forward to them because I could eat the fresh vegetables that the hospital served (they were irradiated). After weeks of eating cooked veggies, fresh fruits and veggies were one of those things I looked forward to.

    But then again, I hated being awakened at 4am for vitals, which included getting out of bed and stepping on the scale. At that point, if I had to get up, I was awake for good. And 4am was too early for good TV and too early for breakfast, so I was just grumpy. I had to make a scene about that with my docs before they'd tell the nurses to take my weight at something more like 7 or 8am so I could get breakfast ordered afterwards.
  • Hi,
    I was just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. it was a shock to the system. and I got my port on my birthday, not a great way to spend the day. its okay if you break down every once in a while, the important thing is that you don't stay broken. I know when I am alone and have time to think I'll start crying. but when I'm done I know that I have to get up and do the next thing. it's hard and I'm scared all the time but I know that I have to take that next step.
    and babez1 was right. when I found out that my treatment would be over in early October I started planning a Halloween party. just that light at the end of this treatment has helped.
  • I actually had this pain in my side and my dr sent me to the hospital thinking it was Appendicitis. They did a cat scan and found the mass in my colon. They did a colonoscopy and found the cancer. I had surgery 3 days later. No time to think. No time to adjust. My family and I have been on a Roller coaster for 3 months now.
  • Yup the pain was on my right side, I was in the hospital for a week before they did the colonoscopy and found the cancer. I'm stage IIIB Found out in March. My family has been behind my all the way. it really sucked for my sister, because I was so young she has to get checked out just in case, and lets face it, colonoscopies are not fun. I don't know where you are, but I really like my oncologist. I have a whole team at the John Theurer Cancer Center. it's a great place, and they are recognized by the Cancer Centers of America. I'm here to talk any time. I have my second round of chemo on Monday. it sucks but at the end of it i'm gonna be better. and so will you.
  • Hello,
    sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My boyfriend (25yrs old) was diagnosed 4/16/13 with the same thing; Stage 2A and currently will have his 3rd treatment this upcoming Tuesday. I would say for early stages of cancer and how to prepare for it or deal with it would be being really tired most days, along with nausea, remembering your medications along with remembering the precautions to take while your getting chemo and also the first few days following your last treatment. Your hair may fall out as soon as two weeks after your first treatment..varies for everyone. Also, I would say try to do what you would normally do most days..helps you focus on other things than just being worried and/or stressed. And try to do fun things here and there when you feel up to doing things.

    Good luck on however long your journey will be and try to stay positive :)
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    Hello all,
    Currently dealing with a local recurrence of Breast cancer myself. I know its hard to stay positive. I'm forusing on planning fun things on days that i think i'll feel good. Like massages and pedicures. The mantra of do what is fun is really helpful i think because if you're not going to do it now the WHEN. if you want to do something and can, do it . Speaking as a 31 yr old who currently has rainbow fingers and toes... cause its fun.