Cancer was not enough of an 'extenuating circumstance" for my caregiver's school

My boyfriend started his first semester of college right around the time I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. He received financial aid through the FAFSA program so that he could go to college. Needless to say with all the emotional strain, weekly chemo trips, and everything cancer he did not have the best semester. He failed 1 class and ended up dropping below a 2.0. He lost his financial aid for that semester ($2,000), which he depends on for rent and gas. He was able to file a petition with the school and state his extenuating circumstance that prevented him from excelling academically. He wrote a lengthy letter of everything we endured plus provided my medical papers as proof. He took the necessary 8-hour class for the petition and had progress reports from this semester showing his As and Bs. Well it turns out the financial aid department DENIED his petition stating that circumstances were not extenuating. Noting, "if he knew of his commitment to his girlfriend why did he take on a full load of school." First off WTF how is cancer not an extenuating circumstance that would heavily effect his education?? and 2) 12 units is BARELY full time so I wouldn't say he took on a full load. It's just ridiculous when the colleges are so broke that they are holding money that was already awarded for him. On top of it they are saying that what he, what WE, went through wasn't bad enough to effect his grades. He has a meeting with them today and I wish I could just go in there with him and tell them OFF!