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I've been reading these posts and it looks like there is no specific time to tell the person you're dating that you have cancer. So a little about myself, I am a 28 year old male brain cancer survivor. I am 1 year out of treatment, which included surgery, chemo and radiation. My girlfriend and I recently broke up, which probably did have a little to do with my health, and now I am thinking of the issues Im going to have when dating. I was with this girl for close to 10 years so I have very little dating experience. Here are my questions, how long until you tell someone you have cancer? Please give me your opinions here, are we talking maybe 2 or 3 dates or when you become more serious? I look at it both ways, tell them early so you don't feel your lieing or wait til you're serious so there not scared away. Seems to be a lesser of two evils.. Now I do have a scar on the right side of my head but it's not very obvious with my hair so I feel most people that do not know already can't tell. I exercise and look like your average 28 year old. So please give me all your opinions or past experiences with dating issues I may run into.


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  • SarenaPSarenaP Community Member
    I always find a way to interweave it into conversation. The fact that I'm a cancer survivor is on my dating profile. You don't have to make it the only thing about you when you meet someone new but also don't feel afraid to disclose it either. Perhaps try weaving it into the conversation like this "some things I learned when I was diagnosed with cancer...". That way you're staying positive about the fact that you're a survivor and you're also showing that you are a dynamic human being. Hope this helps!
  • I usually  talk about it on the first date. I just kind of mention it on my dating profiles like SarenaP mentioned. The way I see it, it's going to come up eventually. I've yet to have a negative reaction.