CSUSM and North County Cancer Fitness Questionnaire

Hello everyone,
For starters, thank you for taking a look at this forum. We realize your time is precious and are so appreciative that you would consider talking to us about your experience. We are students at California State University San Marcos working with North County Cancer Fitness, based out of Carlsbad CA. This semester we are helping NCCF put together a program that focuses on young adults experience with cancer. We realize there is a service gap amongst this age group and it has become our goal to establish what needs are or are not being met throughout your journey. With your assistance, we hope to put together a series of resources that can help individuals navigate through the many avenues that can present themselves upon diagnosis. Please, only answer questions you are comfortable with. Again, thank you for your time.

You have the right to exclude any question that you are not comfortable answering.

1.How old are you?
2.What type and stage of cancer did you have?
3.Please specify your gender.
4.Where did you grow up? (City and state).
5.What was your first step after diagnosis?
6.Was your diagnosis delayed?
7.Were you employed or a student during your cancer diagnosis and/or treatment? If yes, please tell us about your experience with employment/school during this time.
8.Did you have health insurance during your diagnosis and/or treatment?
9.What was your marital status during your cancer diagnosis and/or treatment?
10.What was your family and/or friends reaction to your diagnosis?
11.Tell me about your home life after your initial diagnosis. What changed and/or stayed the same?
12.What has been your experience with dating during your diagnosis and/or treatment?

13.Was it difficult to find resources to help aid you through the initial diagnosis process?
14.Prior to diagnosis, were you aware of the symptoms associated with your particular cancer?
15.What do you believe was the key to your success? OR why do you believe your treatment failed?
16.Were you navigated through the health care system?
17.What organizations and/or resources were the most helpful to you?
18.From your experience, what would you like to see change in the oncology field?
19.What would you like to see stay the same?
20.If given the opportunity to tailor a program for young adults who are affected by cancer, what would it include?