ALND anyone?


Has anyone had a Axillary Lymph Node Dissection? I just found out Monday that I have Melanoma and it is in the lymph nodes so on Friday I am going in to have them removed. I am wondering how bad the pain is and what the recovery time is? I keep telling myself I will be back to work Monday but my wife thinks I will be in bed for at least a week.

I am also wondering about Chemo. I am told I will likely start this soon after the surgery but I don't know how fast the usually is. Is it as bad as everyone says it is? I am really new to this whole cancer thing and have no idea what to expect. In my mind I see myself at work everyday and playing with my 19 month old but the stories I hear and see make me think I am going to be miserable for the next few month/years. Any inste as to what I am to expect in the next few weeks/months would be great.