31 with metastatic breast cancer

Just looking to see who else is out there. I'm 31 living with metastatic breast cancer. I was diagnosed when I was 29. When I was diagnosed it had already spread. I have to say I really hate when people ask me how long I have to do treatment, or when they ask " is it gone". It's been about a year and a half and I think I'm kinda finally learning to live with my new "normal" life, although I'm defiantly nowhere near to having figured it out completely. So for now I just would like to see who else is out there.


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  • I am 27 and have metastatic melanoma, and from what I've experienced people do seem to "lump" all cancer patients together. When I first started treatment most people seemed to think I would have chemo, lose my hair, and then be all better! I am on my fourth different immunotherapy (chemo doesn't do much for melanoma) treatment now and have had several surgeries as well as radiation, so far not much luck with anything. I am pretty open talking about my cancer though so now those that know me seem to understand there is no magic fix and treatments can be different for different types of cancer, but they are still pretty far from really understanding. I do my best to be open about everything and answer questions in hopes of educating those around me so they can be more understanding in the future :) I try to be positive but some days the never ending treatment and constant pain from the mets in my lungs really does get to me... But mostly I'm used to it - can't hardly remember what it's like to feel truly well!
  • I am 23 with metastic Gastric Esophageal Junction(fancy way of saying they don't know if it came from the stomach or esophagus) Cancer with mets in the liver. Just finished my first round of chemo. The first half seemed to have stopped the growth. Just had another scan to see the results of the second half. I defiantly agree people find it hard to understand that I will probably keep whatever is left of those tumors as long as they aren't growing. That is okay with me. Still have some lingering pain but I think I might be figuring life out again. They also find it hard that I might have to go through more rounds of chemo. Some frustration is they don't want to see me go through all the side effects again and others can't understand that it might never be gone.
  • Hey guys
    I'm 30. Dx with soft tissue adenosarcoma started in my ab muscles and now mets to my stomach and liver. Just started chemo again last week. Explaining to people is one of the hardest aspects of all this to me. Everyone finds out I have cancer and then are like 'oh you're going to beat this!' And I'm just like mmmm no just me living is what beats it. I'll never be rid of cancer. It is a very lonely place. I have a good support system, but no one not even other cancer 'survivors' seem to understand anything I say. They just tell me I'm being 'morbid' 
  • I was 28 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. So annoying everyone's first question is oh it must run in the family. Um no....most breast cancer isn't genetic actually. Over the past 5 years the cancer has reoccurred several times, metastasized into skin and liver, and some other lymph nodes. I've had 10 surgeries (still not reconstructive), countless radiation treatments, and on my 10th chemo drug now. People constantly are saying oh you got this, you will beat it. Of course, after they ask oh no are you going to lose your hair again? Like hair is the most important thing ever, making it that much worse when you lose it. Only MBC patients really understand that we will be living this way forever and it is about adjusting to the new normal :) Which can be really hard sometimes! 
  • 25 with metastatic breast cancer here (armpit, spine and hip — I had a biopsy that was a LITERAL pain in the ass!), diagnosed in March. Even though I've been recovering really well according to my oncologist (I'm getting squishier if nothing else, whereas 9 months ago it was hard as a rock!) I have a whole lot of anger that I feel is going to make me enemies if I expressed it in certain settings. Like I want to scream at people who only have cancer that's not metastatic and say "AT LEAST YOU CAN BE CURED!!" But at the same time I feel like a hypocrite because I hate to admit it, but sometimes hearing about people form whom it's terminal — I'm treatable at least — makes me feel slightly better because at least I don't have the absolute worst-case scenario. This has made me a much more bitter and misanthropic person than I'd like to be, and I hate that. But this has made my tolerance for people with lesser problems shrink dramatically. Sometimes in my darkest moments I even wish that one of my friends could have the same or a similar diagnosis as me so I'm not as horribly, crushingly lonely as I often am.
  • Hey guys! I'm sorry for my bag writing in English, I am from Chile and I am doing my best!  :(|) I have breast cancer metastatic in bones diagnosed in april from this year. I has chemoterapy neoadyuvant, 6! And friday go for the 5  before mastectomy  #:-S  I think this definitly sucks! I am happy for find you because in my city (Puerto Varas) I don't know people in my situation.

  • I had breast cancer when I was twenty-five. My oncologist told me that it has spread to lymph nodes under the arm. I had to undergo a partial mastectomy and had to remove my right breast. I was very depressed at that time because I had to remove my boobs at a very young age. But, there is a solution for every problem. I contacted those clients who had previously had this surgery and asked them what they did after the surgery. Most of them had breast implants, and I also decided to go with the majority. I had my breast implants from London Ontario. There was nothing as I feared. After taking sufficient rest, I was able to return back to my normal life.
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