treatment for breast cancer - yes it's out there

So I wanted to say that treatment for cancer is out there, I am living proof of that. I struggled with breast cancer for many years - even going to a few different hospitals before I finally found a place called Envita, a blend of alternative and conventional medicine - and i found that worked best for my body. I used (among other things) GTFC chemo which stands for genetically targeted fractionated chemo which uses molecular profiling and micro dose chemo to treat cancer without side effects of heavy duty chemo. I also used alot of immunotherapy. As some of you know the immune system is the first and last line of defense in your body. Anywho, just wanted to share my experiences...if you have any questions for me or want to talk just write me back. thanks.


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    I would truly love to hear more about your GTFC experience as that is the way I am now leaning for future treatment. I have Stage 3C ER+PR +HER2 - and had an Oncotype DX score of 30. I declined participation in a clinical study at UAMS in Arkansas that offered AC>T chemo with an immune enhancing vaccine because I had read that my Cancer subtype, also called Luminal A, responds the most poorly to chemo. Mind you my oncologist never shared this about my subtype. I learned by digging into the PubMed published results and other clinical research that is finally reporting how different subtypes respond differently to chemo. To me this is something an oncologist should share straight out when they are telling someone what kind of chemo they are recommending. If I am going to have chemo, I want it to be as strategic as hell. Like you, I am also doing a highly modified diet with supplements to boost my immune system. I am also rebounding for lymphatic benefit. Anyway, I would love to learn from your GTFC experience and anything else you have found helpful for stress management. Thank you for offering to share!!! My email is and you can also contact me directly. Thanks so much and I hope you are healing and getting strong. :-)