It Just Hit Me

I was diagnosed with a glioma brain tumor about a year and a half ago. When I first got diagnosed it was just a big shock to me, I never really cried because I was in so much shock that this was happening to me. I have had radiation and have had to take chemo, which I had to stop because my kidneys for failing. I only lost my underneath hair so I never had to shave my head. Just recently I was looking online and I found this girl who is just about two weeks older than me and got diagnosed with the same brain tumor I have. She died back in 2012. As I was looking I found pictures of what she looked like before she passed, and when I saw them my heart ached. It never really hit me till right at that moment of what she was going through then and what soon I am going to go through too. It's just a crazy thing to think about. And it's even crazier that me, a 15 year old teenage girl has to worry about death instead of boys. Who thinks the best information is being told the MRI was good and not the latest gossip at school.


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  • I kinda rambled, sorry
    I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumors in 2012 when I was 15 too but I have three. It was a kinda normal life I never got sick. NEVER. Not with a cold, I might of gotten a stomach bug once. Just regular life. Then BAM! You have cancer. I'm 17 now and I only have one tumor that grows but it might be changing into a higher degree of cancer "They don't know what it is". Its terrifying I know. You don't know what's in store.
    I didn't really cry when I found out until I got home and didn't care who was looking. But the funny thing was I never really heard about cancer, well brain cancer that much, but I thought about it an kinda thought that I might get it one day when I was older, an what do you know, I got it! I'm not saying thinking about cancer gives you cancer. lol I just thought it was weird. I cant wait for that one day I'll hear those words "your MRI was clean". Your free!
    But be strong, you will have days where you feel like you can't get up or keep moving emotionally and physically. Take a moment... Then get your butt up and keep moving. This isn't the end. Find some hobbies to do at home art, exercise ( I should but I don't), video games? I don't really know that many hobbies. I ride horses and do art to keep my mind off of things but I also sit on the couch a lot because I don't have the energy/lazy. it helps with depression if you feel like you need to finish something or a animal needs you.
  • Lol ramble away its good to hear from someone who knows what i'm going through!