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Hey there, I am a 23 year old with Stage IV Gastric Esophageal Junction Cancer. Just finished my first round of Chemo after 4 months of infusions, blood transfusions, and all the awesome side effects. I jut started back to work. I find out next week if I need to do some more chemo. Has anyone noticed that conversations with other young adults are harder after their cancer diagnosis? I feel isolated in some conversations that seem really superficial now. Seems a little harder to communicate with new people who didn't know about my diagnosis. I don't know why but for some reason the mental task of cancer seems just as hard now treatment is done as it was during treatment.


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  • I am 27 and currently in treatment for metastatic melanoma and try to work when I can... Even between treatments these days I can only manage half days and with the current treatment I only work Monday mornings - more just to get out of the house than anything else. Everyone at work is very supportive and nice but we just have different concerns in life right now so it can be hard to relate sometimes. My whole life revolves around treatments, scans, and just trying to survive each day whereas the average person at work is thinking about a new car, marriage, kids, or a house... things I may never get to have. It is nice to be surrounded by people that care though whether you can relate the same or not. I know cancer has caused me to grow and change a lot as a person and I have found a few new friends to talk to that fit more with the person I am now which has really helped me. Cancer kind of barges in and messes up your life in all sorts of ways and I suppose it just takes time to adjust to all the changes. Hoping everything works out for the best for you!
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    I'm 29, and about a month out of treatment. Back at work now, I swing between two ends of a communication spectrum. I do think that everyone wants to be empathetic, but it's scary for them. So anyway- two ends: First, I want to get on with my life and to be seen as a whole person. Not a trope of a survivor. Second, I don't know how to fully process this huge thing- I feel like it colors every part of my life now and has made me into a middle aged person worried about finances, career, fertility, and fulfillment. I now have a really hard time even listening to people whine about a cold that "just makes me want to die...ughhhh".

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