This will be the Noah obsurd post on here... And for that I am sorry.

Acrylics won't stick to my nails anymore. It's driving me crazy. I have always has acrylics on. They make my nails look nice. I've never had nice nails. Acrylics gave me that. Now that's being taken away too. Is it too much to ask just to have one thing in my life stay the same during this process?

I feel so ashamed being upset over something so small. Some people are terminal, and some people are fighting harder battles than I am. And yet, I'm upset over my nails..

Anyone else have the same want for just one thing to stay normal during their battle?


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  • I completely agree. Cancer is like a thief, it snatches all autonomy and everything else it can from you. Then you wake up one morning, and have nothing- the ability to not use those nails, no hair, chemo brain, etc...., for me it is PAIN PAIN PAIN. I get upset and cry over every little thing because they are all REMINDERS of what cancer has stolen from me.