Available treatments for stage 3b

My daughter was diagnosed with melanoma stage 3b three years ago.  It has now come back.  She just had surgery and the doctors have suggested that she treat with Yervoy.  Are there any other medications out there that anyone could suggest?


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  • Oh boy - I wish I had seen this question earlier! I've been stage IV for a couple years now and been steadily going through every melanoma treatment I'm offered - I think some have helped (after all, I'm still here) but nothing has put me into remission. In order I have had: IL-2, ipilimumab (Yervoy) combined with IL-21 (a clinical trial), ipilimumab with radiation, IL-15, TIL therapy (trial), and just recently started a Phase I clinical trial with PD-L1 combined with Cobimetinib. I've elected to hold off on the Vemurafenib up to this point although I have the BRAF mutation, just a personal preference, but it is certainly on my "to-do" list ;) There are tons of options out there to try! Very exciting time for melanoma research. She should be able to ask her oncologist about the available options and then choose based on doctor recommendations and personal preferences. There certainly is no "right" answer since you cannot know what will work for each individual.

    Best of luck to you both!