New Job?

I just got my first job as a preschool teacher! Yay?? But, I had a brain tumor 7 years ago and the after effects of cancer left me in horrific pain all over my body but primarily my hands and feet. I leave work literally crying in pain everyday because the job is so much pain for me to be standing up for so long. It is actually difficult for me to walk out the door, and when I get home at 4;30/5:00 I just crash in bed, don't eat or anything. This job is great, everything I ever dreamed of doing, but it is taking a toll on my medical/health. But I feel like if I fail my first job, I won't ever be able to do anything. Cancer left me literally crippled and doctors don't have answers for me..... I don't know what to do anymore. Please help?!


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  • Hi Jamie,
    My name is Jason, I too had a brain tumor, 3 years ago. I have been out of treatment for a year and a half.

    I understand that you have physical and emotional after effects from Cancer and treatment; I too suffer from after effects (chemo brain and balance being big ones for me).
    I think you could benefit from the LiveSTRONG Program at the YMCA. It is a free 12 week course offered to Cancer Survivors to guide them as they rebuild the body and their lives with peers.

    I encourage you to contact your local YMCA and ask about this program. :)

    Peace and blessings,