Changing career paths..

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma about a week after I graduated college.  My degree was in nursing and it was the only career I had ever had a passion for in my entire life.  I couldn't wait to graduate and get to work.  However after I got sick my feelings started to change.  The more I continued with treatment then got done and attempted to start to move on with life the less I have of that passion.  Now I don't really want to be in the nursing world much at all.  I feel as if I may want to go back to school for a completely different degree.  Has anyone ever completely changed what you want to do with your life after having cancer? Is it normal?


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  • I think it would be normal.......before the surgeries and chemo, I wanted to major in history and get to the graduate studies program for museum studies. History requires much name/date/place  memorization, and since the surgeries, radiation, and cgemo.......that is not really my strongest trait anymore though, haha.
  • @PhantomStar haha that's not my strongest trait either.  Are you having a hard time finding anything else that you want to do?  I'm having fun finding something else to do with the rest of my life! lol

  • A bit of trouble.....I still like the Idea of the graduate  studies program Although apparently I can do that with  Art Major  + history minor so I am going to try that for now.. I have  also tried talking to  career counselors about  that., and some have been really helpful., others......not as much lol.
  • @ncarlin I graduated with a degree in English Lit. I loved my studies but I knew there was very little I could do with that degree since teaching would require more schooling and a licensing exam. Plus, I didn't care for it.

    Right before my chemo (I had non-Hodgkin's), I was volunteering at a museum and like @PhantomStar, I was thinking about an MA in Museum Studies. I did a lot of research during chemo and the job market for that major is awful. 

    To make a long story short, after trying out a bunch of different ideas, I started my own company and I do freelance work on the side. 

    Have you read "Do What You Are"? It's a book about finding your personality type and then what jobs would fit around that. While I kinda think the Myers - Briggs stuff is just a fancier version of a horoscope, it did help me read through the different archetypes and think about what I thought sounded cool and what sounded really awful.