Dating after Breast Cancer

Dating after Breast Cancer seems like the hardest thing 


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  • It may seem hard but since when do men need breasts to love a woman? Since when does your breast define you? Yes it makes everything feel like it is missing but that should never stop you from dating make sure your emotional needs r met including your self esteem.
  • I think it's hard to date after having any type of cancer for both young men and us women.  We have different challenges sometimes both physical and emotional.  I am a lymphoma survivor so I didn't go through that of breast cancer survivors but I do still have issues with my body image.  I also still have a lot of the aches and pains and fatigue from chemo even though I've been done for a year and those things are hard to explain to someone who is healthy and never went through anything like this.  It would almost be nice if they had a dating site for young adults with cancer lol.  They seem to have them for every other category of people!! Just remember that through all this you are a strong, beautiful, amazing person!!

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