Just looking for someone to talk to about colon,liver cancer

my name is Adam. I am 25 and I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer in June 2013. I have been struggling hard with getting used to it and going through chemo. I'm looking for someone to talk to that knows what I'm going through and how it feels. Just need a person who likes to talk. I have a lot of questions


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  • Hi   There  Adam    I  know  what  you  are  going   through  I  am  in  cancer  remission  for 14yrs ..I am  now 31  but  was  only  14 at the  time  i had my  chemo  But  when  I  was  going  through it it  was  very  hard  and tough for me also,  I  had  good days  and  bad   its  not a  easy thing  to go  through  I had   wonderful friends  and  family  but still  I  didnt think    they  fully understand  what   I  went through  ..  So please  feel free to  ask me  any  questions  I have  been  through  it  all  

    Take care,
  • Hey Adam,

    I'm free to talk to anytime. I don't know much about colon/liver cancer, but I am a survivor of cervical cancer and am in your same boat of wanting/needing someone to talk to who gets it. I was diagnosed in May 2013, went through chemo and radiation, and am cancer free as of October 2013. That being said, 2014 was a super hard year for me...adjusting back into "normal" life and dealing with a lot of long term side effects the doctors never warned me about.

    Radiation did some pretty permanent damage to my small and large intestines...which has drastically altered my diet. It also makes me feel sick pretty regularly. I think I have more sick days now than before cancer or during treatment. Having a very limited diet has kinda changed my social life too. I don't go out to eat much, I don't enjoy hanging out with old friends if food is involved cuz I can't eat most things. It makes being social difficult. I also just want to hang out with people who get it and understand, rather than people that feel sorry for me.

    I'm so tired of people always asking about my health. I love that they care. But some days I'm so frustrated with it myself, that I don't want to talk to other people about it. If that makes sense.

    I'm in Iowa...the young adult cancer scene is non-existent here as far as I can tell. I wish I lived somewhere where there were more meet-ups and events. I long to connect with other young adult survivors and patients. I want support and I also want to encourage others. That's why I thought I'd write to you today. It's all about connections. And also why CancerCon is so important and exciting...I am sooooo looking forward to this wonderful event. I have such high expectations. I'd encourage you to go if you are able to health-wise.

    Anyways, take care of yourself and if you have any comments or questions, write me back. I'd love to hear from you, cancer friend!