Here we go again...

I finished chemo in January of 2011 so it's been 4 years. My immune system is still really sluggish and I'm low in certain proteins (immunoglobulin for the nosey). I've had 8 rounds of IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) and I'm having another round on Thursday. I can't get pregnant while getting this stuff pumped into me and so I'm super frustrated. I'm turning 30 this year so the window is closing as far as having a baby. 

And on top of all that, my onc isn't sure when my levels will get back to normal (normal is 600, I'm measuring in at less than 1) and how many more rounds I'm going to need. 

I think I'm more tired hearing the "well, there's not a lot of data on people your age. So we just don't know." 

Does anyone have experience with IGG levels recovering? Anyone with me in wanting to HulkSmash! the next doc who says, "we just don't know"?