neuropathy and muscle pain

Am I the only one with so much muscle pain in my shoulders,arms and legs? The neuropathy in my feet and hands has been with me seven months after my stem cell transplant. My feet are quite painful to walk. The doctors do not seem to be concerned and say it is probably with me to stay.


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  • Unfortunately neuropathy can end up being a long-term side effect. I know that I have some pain still and have to learn to handle it. I would still push the issue with your doctors because there are drugs they can give you to help with the pain. Also, taking a B-complex vitamin can help as well. Even if it is with you to stay, there are still things your doctors can do to help with it. I hope it starts getting better!
  • I had neuropathy for a long time in my feet, and they still feel numb some days. But for the most part it went away, even though the doctors said I would have to continue taking prednisone forever.
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    My neuropathy goes from my knees all way to my numbness. It makes me really clumsy, I fall all the time. I get to where I hate to go anywhere. Doc says it's probably permanent.
  • I have had it in my legs and feet since my transplant in 2012. Totally sucks, SO painful and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. PM me if you want to talk more, so days I am so desperately needing someone to talk to about it. Done all the vitamins, etc. with no help.