Is this colon cancer?

In late October, I seemed to be developing some sort of stomach issue, as I would get nausea, and my stools got lighter, and sunk. The nausea soon went away. A month later, I developed insomnia. That insomnia was terrible. I literally didn't get any sleep at all some nights. Then, I got a form of it that wakes me up every night between 1-4 AM, sometimes later. I then started getting more symptoms, such as tingling and increased urination that lasted for a few days, as well as joint pain that is quite rare, thus far. Around that time I also developed a strange arm and foot odor that a friend said was similar to alcohol, which is still present, but more mild. Over the last four weeks, my tongue has looked white in the back of it, with barely visible bumps, and I had an occasional bitter taste in my mouth for no known reason two nights. I also have mild constipation or no urge to go at all, as well as my stools getting a little thinner and yellow in color. A mild dip in appetite and energy has also occurred lately.Also, lately I have no urge to pass urine, either. This strange illness makes me worried. I am 23, by the way. None of my doctors take me seriously and think I do not even need a blood test. 


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  • I was diagnosed with colon cancer about a year ago. After surgery and chemo I am in remission. Abdominal pain, thin stools and an urge to pee in the middle of the night are the symptoms that I had and that you mention. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. This type of cancer is preventable if caught early. Unfortunately, like in your case, at your age neither your doctor or medical insurances want to perform a colonoscopy that would give you a better idea. About 15 years ago I presented some symptoms that included blood in the stool. They did a flexible sigmoidoscopy and they determine that it was internal hemorrhoids. However, that only look at just one part of my colon. I don't know if having a colonoscopy would have changed things, but be in gard and if you feel something is wrong, don't ignore it.
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  • Well, this symptoms don't looks like cancer but you should concern some cancer specialist. We can get rid out of it from its early stage so good to have some more test now only. 
  • It's a pain, but keep looking till you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with.  This can be frustrating, but it's important you advocate for yourself.  Also, remember, you don't know what this is yet.  There is no reason to feel bad about something that hasn't happened yet.  Try to remember there is a chance that this is nothing.  Be diligent, get it checked out, but don't be too hard on yourself.