Any other younger people with CML?

I was just diagnosed about a month ago, I was wondering if anyone else around my age (18) have CML? 
I think it'd be good to talk with other people that have it.


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  • Yea, I've met alot of really nice people over there, I was just curious if anyone on here around my age also had CML.
  • BobbyBobby Community Member
    I'm 27 and was diagnosed with CML yesterday. My wife and I are still mapping out our next steps. It is extremely difficult but I look forward to getting the medication I need. I am hopeful my body will react well to the drugs and that it will last a long time. I find it to be incredibly scary. How are you?
  • Hi Bobby, I'm doing good myself. The way you're feeling is all to memorable for me. The first couple weeks suck, bad. Trust me when I say it gets less scary as you go. I remember not being able to eat, or sleep, and I thought every little ache and pain was going to kill me. For you and your wife's sanity's sake, if you have ANY questions at all, ask over at the lls boards,

    Trey is very helpful and can answer any question you have, and everyone else is very good at providing support. I have no idea how I would've made it through the first week without those guys over there. I wish you the best of luck, in the rollercoaster, that is the first two weeks.
  • Hi, I am in the 5 month since being diagnosed and on my Imatinib treatment. I am 30 and I am still feeling a lot of the side effects of the chemo based drugs. How are you guys handling this issue? Especially the "Fog" / issues with learning functions? 

    How have you guys been dealing with people? I have had such a hard time with coworkers and other people / acquaintances not understanding the fact that yes, I do have cancer and that I may look "healthy" but I feel horrible inside. It's quite frustrating....