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i have a learn disability so sorry if my grammar is bad.when you dad has cancer and the dr give him less then a year,when you hear the phone ring you think is this the call that he gone to go to work and your co-worker just say to smile,or look at everything you got going for you.what hurt is when you father forget how you act and forget that you love to talk,and he tell you that you talk to much and that your drive him nuts.nobody understand you,everybody else in your family does talk about it.i feel so alone with my dad having cancer,and i don't understand how he feel and people don't understand how i feel. p


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  • I can totally tell you are going through a really rough time right now. And I totally get that you are scared and I understand your feeling of being alone. But you can be thankful that you found this awesome aren't alone here. We all understand you here.

    When you are stressed about your dad, please remember that he may be just as scared and alone feeling as you. His journey is just as difficult as yours. If you feel lost or don't know how to help him, just put yourself in his shoes and try to think of things you would want if you were in his place. Sometimes it isn't about the food you can cook for him, or the words you say to him...sometimes it is just about you being in the same room as him, sharing a moment. When I was going through treatment, I didn't always want gifts, food, or conversation. Sometimes I just wanted someone to sit in the living room with me.

    Everyone deals with cancer differently. You need to figure out your own way of dealing so that you can be a strong, supportive child to your dad. Remind him that you love him and are always there. Even if you think he knows that already, say it again. It doesn't hurt anything. It brings you closer. And cherish the time you have with him. And don't live in is a waste of your precious time!