GVHD in the marrow?

So my counts (Anc/white blood cells/platelets/blood) keep dropping.
The Wolves (I nicknamed the doctors & NP wolves cause they all come in my room in a big crowd lol) are concerned that I might have GVHD in the marrow; they might do a bone marrow aspiration next week.
Anyone have any experience about this? I'm not really sure how to feel about this.


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  • Hi Purple Heart,

    I have had many bone marrow aspirations. Though thankfully I am not GVHD positive. The Aspirations are quick and easy especially with sedation. You wake up a bit sore at the incision point, can remain achy for sometime. They also can do it at the bedside. But I would recommend sedation of you can, since you're already hospitalized. Might as well be comfortable. Any questions just ask.

    Much Love and Support,


    (APL Survivor)

  • Thank you, Ginger-Amy for your respond :]
    I've gotten a bunch of bone marrow aspiration, I often go under the anesthesia because why not be comfortable and plus, it's fun for me to try to stay awake but just end up passing out and waking up in the recovery room the next second (even though it takes about 20 minutes to do the procedure)
    I'm more curious as to what it means to find GVHD in the marrow? I'm not sure if I should feel concerned or not ;P
  • I know GVHD can occur in any part of the body. I've never heard of it occurring in the marrow before. But it's better to catch the GVHD early on. The longer the GVHD goes untreated then there is an increased risk for complications. With my nephew for his GVHD in his digestive track, they put him on steroids and increased his immunosuppressants. Both my nephew's and mom's doctors said a little GVHD was a good thing because it meant that the host cells were trying to take over. 

    I would suggest asking your doctors to provide you with a better explanation of what this means and what the treatment plan would be if this were the case. 

    I hope this helps you! Stay strong!

    (Caregiver for my mom)
  • from_Cheyfrom_Chey Community Member
    I've had a BMT and everything went well I was diagnosed with MDS before my transplant but after two years cancer free I developed GVHD of the skin and certain areas in my gi tract. They never told me about developing GVHD in the marrow. I think they mean just developing GVHD maybe.. Because GVHD does affect the blood counts. And to check if you have GVHD the best way is a bone marrow aspiration. Hope this helps. (: