Having a hard time.

Just need someone to talk to about how I'm feeling, after being diagnosed i have lost most of my friends, during high school they didn't really support me much, I didn't go to a tight knit highschool, and I wish I did. Maybe I would have more friends as my life continues. ❤️


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  • ncarlinncarlin Community Member
    I'm sorry you're not getting the support you need! You have many friends here! You are not alone!
  • dillonndillonn Community Member
    On the positive side, you get to realise who's really there for you when you need them. Theres no point growing through life with people that would drop you at your lowest moments, Smile:)
  • from_Cheyfrom_Chey Community Member
    That's true. i do have true best friends. But it makes me sad sometimes when I see that they have other friends from their school or job that want to spend every day with them. I wish I didn't get cancer so I could of have those experiences of fun times in school or work or anything else. :| and now that I'm having complications I can't spend my 20s having as much fun as everyone else
  • Friends come and go but family is forever, even when they cant understand. Keep your head straight and remind yourself to keep respect to yourself and others. Youll be okay. We're all in this together
  • I had a similar problem when I was getting chemo. I moved to Southern California away from the friends I grew up with and my family. When I got sick, most of the friends I had down here didn't know what to do with what was happening to me. I can't really blame them, most of them I had known for less than two years and none of them had dealt with cancer in a first hand manner. I did feel lonely a lot, but I found other sources of support.

    My advice would be to focus on getting the support you need from your family and the support staff at your oncologists. That's what really helped me out. They will understand it in a way that even your family can't necessarily fathom. 

    Don't worry about how many friends you have. I know that's a hard thing to try not to concern yourself with in your 20's. The closest group of friends I have now I made during the time I was undergoing treatment. (They didn't have cancer). You just never know what life is going to throw at you.

    I wish you the absolute best of luck undergoing treatment. Keep your head up and kick some booty.

  • from_Cheyfrom_Chey Community Member
    I guess I just look at relationships other people without cancer, have with there siblings or friends and wish I had the same. But Thankyou for sharing your story with me and listening to mine. @Katelyn and @CatchMeYes :D
  • Happiness is all that matters:)