Skin Care talk!

So as we all know our skin begins to get a-little funky with all the meds and procedures we go through. Even our hair gets a kick out of them.
So i was wondering what do you all wear? Like Olay, Clinique, etc.
Itd be nice to talk about products, review them blah blah


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  • Ahhhh!! Noooo none of those products you listed are near ok! I'm a esthitican and have cancer. Go organic! Beauty county has amazing products. So does 100% pure. Everything you put into you skin will seep into your blood.. You want orgaic skin products as much as you want orgaic food
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    For the 1st two weeks after chemo I use
    Moroccan Argan oil on my face by Acure. It's more affordable than most Moroccan Argan oil that I've found, is organic and I can but it form target or Amazon, which delivers!! It's usually about $12-15 for 1 oz. I just couldn't drop so much $$ on the Josie maran one. It doesn't make me break out, doesn't have a hideous smell to it & is more moisturizing than all the face creams I have used. I also use it on my dry and sometimes red scalp to soothe it and Moisturize it.
    I use Eucerin sensitive skin rich lotion, cerave cream, Aveeno on my body.
    Eucerin rich lotion or L'occitane hand cream on my hands.
    I use johnsons & johnsons liquid baby soap, dove soap. & sometimes head & shoulders shampoo on my scalp.
    I have breast cancer stage 2 & am currently on chemo.

    Good luck to everyone on their journey!!
  • @mhornfeck I just want to clarify that anything you put on your epidermis (outermost layer of skin) cannot get into your blood. The blood vessels are under the epidermis and therefore lotions and makeup and things are not able to get into your blood. I do agree that it's best to use natural products as much as possible, skin is our largest organ after all, and it's a good idea to treat it well.